Don't miss the Sorrento Writers Festival April 25 - 28, 2024!

Don't miss the Sorrento Writers Festival April 25 - 28, 2024!

It's time again for the brilliant, and so very worthwhile, Sorrento Writers Festival happening in our lovely town of Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula April 25 - 28!

There are so many wonderful events in this year's program. can still get your tickets here. Don't miss it!

"The Sorrento Writers Festival is a not-for-profit cultural and community organisation festival that brings year-round literary events, discussions and talks to Sorrento and the wider Mornington Peninsula community.

We have a long-term commitment to improve literacy, enhance learning and provide a safe, stimulating and mutually-respectful environment in which to discuss ideas. We want more children reading books. We want them to experience the joys of storytelling and the potential of their imaginations. We want older folk to be excited and engaged.

The Festival celebrates its deep First Nations history, its European settler influence, and its contemporary role as one of Victoria’s most beautiful coastal villages.

The second Sorrento Writers Festival starts Thursday April 25 at 1pm and runs across four days until Sunday April 28, 2024. We hope you will join us."

(The above is an excerpt from

The image accompanying this post is: 'The Writer' by Maggie Taylor.

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