Tasmanian-Based Australian Artist Esther Shohet Exhibits at Curate Art & Design Gallery Sorrento

Sailing into the New Year with the Feel Good Art of Esther Shohet

'Seas the Day' by feel-good artist, Esther Shohet, sails us into a better New Year.

As we head into a new year, reflecting on the challenges we've all endured these last two years, I'm at my desk wondering what to write and the Nina Simone song "Feeling Good" plays in my mind (as songs often do).

I just feel it has the perfect sentiments of hope and optimism needed at this time, especially when accompanied by the lovely painting 'Seas the Day' by 'feel-good' artist, Esther Shohet, whose works are always such a gift at any time.

So, here's wishing you and yours a year of...feeling good.😊

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