The Art of Australian Artistic Duo Gillie and Marc Makes Us Happy as Hippos - Curate Art & Design Gallery Sorrento Melbourne

The Art of Gillie and Marc Makes Us Happy as Hippos

The art of Gillie and Marc makes us 'happy as hippos'! How about you?!?!

We're...well...'happy as hippos' to be continuing our partnership and representation of the amazing Australian artistic duo, Gillie and Marc! We exhibited their wonderful works in Gallery Salamanca for many years and are continuing to do the same at Curate Art & Design ~ our Sorrento gallery space.

They never cease to astound us with their vision, creativity, passion, energy, and overall dedication to their art and causes, especially in regard to wildlife conservation.

They certainly help to make the world a better place and for that we say a big...THANK YOU!!🧡🐰💙🐶

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