Vicki Sullivan Painting ~ 'Back Study of Brianna' - Curate Art & Design Gallery in Sorrento, Melbourne

Vicki Sullivan art goes to the MOON!

"A few of my paintings have been selected to be included in the 'Artists on the Moon' project, where they will be digitally interred in a time capsule heading to the Moon.

I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Samuel Peralta, a Canadian Physicist and writer, for his visionary idea behind this project. It is an honor to be part of this historic endeavour, as it will mark the first time that women's art and Australian artists' art will be showcased on the Moon.

The Lunar Codex, which can be found here: provides more information about this groundbreaking initiative. The first launch is scheduled for around January 8, 2024 @ 6.18 pm AEST.

This project holds great significance, as it symbolizes the resilience and creativity of humanity, even in the face of challenges such as wars, pandemics, and climate upheaval. It is a testament to our ability to dream and create art amidst adversity.

Our collective hope is that future travelers who come across these time capsules will witness the richness and diversity of our world today. Through art, we can convey the essence of our time and leave a lasting legacy that transcends boundaries and connects us all." ~ Vicki Sullivan

The featured image - Vicki Sullivan Painting ~ 'Back Study of Brianna' is one of Vicki's paintings going to the moon in digital form and is available at Curate Art & Design.

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