Tasmanian-Based Australian Textile Artist June Hope Exhibits at Curate Art & Design Gallery Sorrento Mornington Peninsula Victoria

June Hope

"I’ve always been creative. Playing with fabrics and other paraphernalia as a small child at mum’s feet, making all sorts of weird and wonderful things ~ textile, colour and texture always attracts me. Guess I’m a real textile junkie!"
"In 2007 I made a sea change to the small island of Tasmania at the bottom of the world. This gave me the opportunity to explore the Artist Within and felt-making became my medium.

Making felt fits my philosophy of sustainability, hand-made, creativity and beauty. As I have changed my life to live more purposefully and slowly, so this medium fits my values.

An ancient and elementary craft that pre-dates any other method of making fabric, it's this simplicity and tactility that I find so appealing - like a connection to something very primal and ancient.

And to work in such a simple medium and create contemporary, relevant and beautiful works touches a simplicity which constantly beckons me. It’s a meditative process.

I'm always surprised and excited by what seems like magic when the alchemy of the felting process produces something so distinctively different than the sum of the parts – it’s surely a serendipitous act! The works really do take on a life of their own and speak their own language.

Fleece, fabrics and fibres are the mediums I use to create art for the body and soul. It is my hope that my efforts may bring both inspiration and joy."