Beverley Skurulis

"I find all of Australia inspirational. I feel privileged that I have the ability to show to you my love of this great country through my art."

Beverley’s passion has always been art. Her first tool, a piece of charcoal. Her first canvas, the footpath of her childhood home in Nedlands, Perth in Western Australia.

A self-taught artist, Beverley has loved every minute of her pastime which is forever heading in new directions. Finding so much inspiration in the Pilbara, the Kimberley, Tasmania and now, the lovely Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Beverley's life memories are shown in her art and her home ~ memories that should be familiar with a lot of Australians.

For 20 years, Beverley has preferred to work in watercolour, and recently has been enjoying painting with oil paints and oil sticks on Belgium Linen.

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