Hamish Donaldson Artist

Hamish Donaldson, son of renowned studio glass artists, Grant Donaldson and Eileen Gordon, is back honing his skill at Gordon Studio in Red Hill after undergoing a two-year associate program at the JAM Factory in Adelaide.

The course provided high-level skills and business training, and offered many opportunities to work alongside some of Australia’s leading artists.

Prior to getting into the JAM Factory, Hamish trained at Gordon Studio Glassblowers working mostly as an assistant and creating his own works on the side when he could.

Having grown up in the hot shop, he has always been in awe of his parents, uncle and grandparents, but it wasn’t until after he returned from a year long trip across South America that the spark was truly ignited.

Sourcing many opportunities across the globe, including learning and working in Turkey and the USA among others, Hamish is chasing his passion for exploring through his glass journey.

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