James McMurtrie

“Working with tools, similar to that dating back to the first century B.C. fills me with a sense of history and tradition of the old techniques. Glass blowing proves to be an exciting medium with which I can experiment and express my ideas with immediate results on a daily basis.”

"I've always enjoyed using my hands to make things and to find out how things worked. This is a normal part of life growing up on a farm, where the practical application of knowledge is of fundamental importance. But having a creative mother with a passion for textiles meant that art also played a large part in my childhood experiences. An awareness of colour, design and form as they are reflected in the natural landscape, combined with a strong practical bent meant it was only a matter of time before I found an outlet for my creative expression in the medium of clay.

Under the guidance of ceramicist John Eagle, I explored the possibilities and enjoyed the process of making something beautiful out of a raw medium – clay. I find the firing process fascinating, and opening a kiln to look at the results of days work is an exciting moment that continues to thrill me. My early work with clay led me even greater imaginings, and I soon discovered my love of glass.

Glass captures the world in a whole different light. Its fluidity and availability to achieve instant results reflects my desire to create beauty and interpret the world in which I live."

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