John Scott

"For me, everything is a cosmic dance, constantly unfolding from a source. That source is everywhere and nowhere, manifesting constantly and simultaneously. My job is to hold it still long enough in my mind to understand the mystery of its origin, void of labels."


  Self portrait of Australian artist John Scott

John is known as a master-class artist due to his adept ability to skilfully paint various styles, such as realism and abstraction - where he applies complex layering techniques that often take other artists a lifetime to master.

John's technical skills are evident, as seen in the image of his 'Self Portrait' (above), where he's magically used traditional techniques combined with more contemporary mixed-media applications.

Thus, a true creator, John doesn't like to limit his subject matter to one painting style ~ feeling this 'boxes him in' and eventuates in stagnation and a narrow interpretation of 'reality'.

Prior to his fine art career, John worked as a freelance illustrator for close to 10 years working directly with corporate clients before shifting into fine art.

You can view John Scott's CV here.

Image: 'Self Portrait' by John Scott

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