Noel Hart

"My work usually has something to do with nature. It’s what switches me on. Although I grew up in the city and went to art school in the city, it was the countryside and the bush that I was drawn to."

"I went from the city to the land to live – to the forest to be exact, in the late 1980s. This brought me into contact with other species – hundreds of other species. Snakes, epiphytes, insects, fungi, so many species of birds, rainforest trees, and marsupials. The energy of the forest and its geology was beckoning me to tap into it as a source of artistic inspiration.

There was a lot to try and understand – why does the Satin Bowerbird create sculptures? Why do certain vines grow the way they do? Which are the prey species and which are the predators and how do they interact? What about the mushrooms that glow in the dark? Why the bright colours in parrot species? How did the boulders near the house get there? And how could I translate my fascination into art?

The diversity of species also brought me to conclude that it would be satisfying to be creative across a broad spectrum of mediums. Hence one day I’ll be painting, the next carving something with a chainsaw, and the next working with a team in a glassblowing studio nearby – but all somehow connected by the environment where I was spending most of my time."

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