Gillie and Marc Sculpture ~ 'Rabbitwoman Thinks Big' (Pocket) (Sold)

This artwork edition is SOLD.

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Artist: Gillie and Marc

Artwork: Sculpture

Title: 'Rabbitwoman Thinks Big'

Medium: Bronze

Edition: 60/100, 62/100

Dimensions: H= 11.5cm x L= 6.5cm x W= 7.5cm (Pocket Size)

Weight: 0.40 kg

Artists Statement:

Rabbitwoman sits lost in thought. She’s thinking about her life, her place in the world, and how she can make a difference for all the creatures she shares it with. Her thoughts stretch beyond the normal and into the fantastic. To make a big difference you have to think big. With the size of these thoughts, Rabbitwoman is going to change the whole world! Imagine if we all have such big thoughts…

For every purchase of a bronze sculpture, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity by the artists.

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