Gillie and Marc Sculpture ~ 'Raza the White Rhino' (Sold)

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Artist: Gillie and Marc

Artwork: Sculpture (Large Scale / Garden Art)

Title: 'Raza the White Rhino'

Medium: Bronze

Edition: 1/10

Dimensions: H= 120cm x L= 130cm x W= 70cm

Weight: 100kg

Artists Statement:

Little baby Raza has had a tough start in life. He is an orphan, a fate that is sadly far too common for rhinos like himself. Occasionally their mothers will die of natural causes or from wounds after a fight with another animal. But there is one cause that is the most prevalent and disturbing of them all, poaching.  

All rhino species are endangered. In the last decade, 9,885 African rhinos have been lost to poaching. Even though the trend is starting to change for the better, 1 rhino is still killed every single day. The reason for this terrible loss is their beautiful horns, worth their weight in gold on the black market because of the incessant demand from Asia, particularly China and Vietnam. The horns are ground up and used in traditional medicines despite it being scientifically proven to have no medicinal benefits.

The forgotten victims of this horrific epidemic are the babies who are left behind, discarded as they have not yet grown their horns. Rhino calves cannot survive without their mothers and if they are not found by humans who can protect them they will surely die. The ‘lucky’ ones who are found are faced with serious trauma, both psychological and often physical. The brave babies have been known to do everything they can to try and save their mothers, taking on the poachers and coming out with injuries such as slashes from machetes. But these wounds are skin deep, the real pain is felt right within and the little babies are traumatised.

Raza, just like the meaning of his name, is the hope for all orphan rhinos who have been left behind by poachers. Expertly crafted in stunning, everlasting bronze, he has been immortalised in a limited edition series to bring about awareness and hope for this important issue. Sitting tall and proud, he has been created in two sizes, 1 meter and 3.5 meters tall. Each size will have only 10 editions, a reflection of how rare and precious all rhino species are.

The public will have the opportunity to adopt little Raza and shower him with all the love and support he deserves. By purchasing his statue, you will become his new parent, his new protector, and the protector of all orphaned rhinos, giving them a second chance at life and promoting a world where they will never have to experience this trauma again.

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