Gillie and Marc Sculpture ~ 'They Had the VW Car Bug' (Sold)

This artwork edition is SOLD.

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Artist: Gillie and Marc

Artwork: Sculpture

Title: 'They Had the VW Car Bug'

Medium: Bronze with Bronze Patina

Edition: 1/25

Dimensions: H= 17cm x L= 43cm x W= 20cm

Weight: 12.5kgs

Artists Statement:

There is something so adorable about the old VW bugs. They really suit their nickname with their great googly eyes and their compact body, designed in a way to almost look like a beetle tucking away its wings. Rabbitwoman and Dogman had a real soft spot for them and were so excited when they finally were able to buy one. Jumping in the car they sped off for the most amazing micro-adventure, the tall blades of grass rising around them like they were bugs in a jungle.

For every purchase of a bronze sculpture, you'll receive a Certificate of Authenticity by the artists.

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