Jaq Grantford Sculpture ~ 'Wind Kissed'

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Artist: Jaq Grantford

Artwork: Sculpture

Title: 'Wind Kissed'

Medium: Bronze

Edition: 1/5

Dimensions: H= 80cm x L= 60cm x W= 40cm

Weight: kgs

Artists Statement:

"The figure is depicted just as she enters The Summerland.

The Summerland is an afterlife or non-physical reality that we enter after death, according to Wiccans and some modern pagans. Sometimes depicted as rolling green hills with an everlasting sun shining warmly down, it is a land of eternal summer. So, she's here feeling the breeze, peace, and love in this beautiful place.

There is music that accompanies this piece that was composed by Andrew Batterham - a wonderful composer whose work has been performed by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, among others.
Title: Walk with Me
In this song, the voice of Dutch vocal artist Ommieh acts as a spirit calling us all to walk on, into the next chapter, whatever that may be..."

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