Mitch Miller Painting ~ 'Awakening' (Sold)

This artwork is SOLD.

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Artist: Mitch Miller (TAS/VIC)

Artwork: Painting

Title: 'Awakening'

Style: Abstraction

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Framing: White Wash

Dimensions: H= 122cm x W= 152cm (Canvas) / H= 125cm x W=155.5cm (Framed)

"My painting 'Awakening' was a catalyst for Curate Art & Design's 'From the heART' charitable campaign 'Awakening to Hope' to help those impacted by the QLD & NSW floods, with an initial donation of $500 made to the Australian Red Cross Floods Appeal.

In June 2022 this artwork was given a further opportunity to raise funds to benefit another worthy (and closer to home) cause ~ 'The Portsea Camp' ~ truly fulfiling its purpose and heartfelt inspiration.

How wonderfully rewarding." ~ Mitch Miller

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